Saturday, June 20, 2015

Final touches

We finally got the rest of the decorations put up on the walls of our bedroom in the new apartment. We went back to Gong, the store in town where they sell furniture and decorative items imported from Indonesia. I feel like the wooden carvings make it feel more like a finished place and less like a dorm room or something. The free form frames remind me of the naked cakes that are in fashion now with the layers that aren't all covered up with frosting.

Everything went fine at the anagrafe where we documented the change of address. Of course there was some drama beforehand when we noticed that there was a typo on our rental contract. There is always but always something that non va bene before we figure things out.

I was only halfway kidding when I suggested to F that we should get these duvets to go with the poster: 

But he pointed out that it was really straying wildly from the fact that we sleep in Tuscany. I'm still undecided.

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