Saturday, May 16, 2015

Wherever you go
So last Wednesday F and our fantastic student Tommaso made a half dozen trips or so in the car to bring all of our stuff from one house to the other and then the workmen from the building under construction in Corte Campana brought the couch and chest of drawers over in their van and made a quick trip to Tommaso's family's furniture store to pick up a comfy reading chair.

Somehow when we made the decision to choose the more reasonably priced apartment with the real kitchen, we missed the part about how this one had been vacant for three months and was absolutely filthy. An old lady with a cat and a caretaker who smoked lived here before us. That is a delicious combination, let me tell you. We also didn't catch how the existing furniture had to be pretty much tossed out because it was damaged and that the fans in the bathroom had so much gunk stuck in the blades that they make a sound like pigs being butchered every time you turn on the lights. There is also a shower door to be replaced, tiles missing in the shower, a shower rod to be replaced, a video door intercom that doesn't work, a plug in the kitchen that doesn't work and a few other things. Luckily, my student Elena lives downstairs and with a few telephone calls to her uncle, our new landlord, we got him to come in person two days later to make a list of the things to fix and he sent us an electrician that same day. I think it helped that I did my best imitation of a pig being butchered for both the landlord and the electrician. They are not smiley people and they both laughed.

Cacchio, where are the happy singing woodland creatures?

Why did I forget about the huntsman?

Is she pregnant?
The apartment is an unfortunate shade of yellow that is boardering on orange. And speaking of boardering, there is a weird, old fashioned boarder at the ceiling that makes the whole apartment feel smaller. I managed to get permission to paint it all white if we cover the boarder to preserve it in some way so that is what we will be doing today.

T said that this was a hastily decided downgrade and that she is counting the minutes for the next three years until she can leave us and move out. 

I have a nagging fear that the pregnant lady upstairs is going to give birth to the most annoying baby ever who will ruin my chances of sleep in the future. Why did I think it was sweet when Elena first told me that the woman who lived upstairs in the biancaneve/snow white apartment was pregnant? She just finished vaccuming in her high heeled shoes (I couldn't even get into sneakers when I was pregnant!) and it is 8:11 AM on Saturday so I have reason to believe she is not the most thoughtful neighbor. I have been up since 5:00 AM worrying about the painting so today it really doesn't matter. So I am going to take stock in these babies

During the night at this moment all is quiet and the bed is incredibly comfortable with the double mattresses. Everytime I hear a building related noise, I cringe and worry whether we made the right decision. On the positive side, there are zero bugs. Let me say that again: thus far, zero bugs at all.

The home exchange people from Barcelona are having second thoughts.

We don't have the registered contract yet so we still haven't gone through the bureaucratic part of the move and next week I got work teaching night classes every night for the upcoming two months that don't finish until 8:00 PM. This is good for money and bad for everything else. The classroom is full of mosquitoes.

It will probably all be fine.

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