Saturday, May 16, 2015

The yoots 
My class loved this video:

Afterwards,  I had them tell me all the words they learned and I wrote them on the board: scrotum, testicles, sack, anus, etc. And then my boss walked in.

One of the people had a migraine and while I was doing a bioenergy treatment on her during the break, the program supervisor walked in. Only I didn't notice him, so he stood there watching, horrified, for five minutes and then came back to talk to me about my unorthodox methods and the reason why the course can't be divided into experience based learning levels for financial reasons. It's okay because he has a toupee. In general, those men don't make much trouble because they don't want you to blow on their heads. That sounds wrong.

To fill up the three hours I taught them the dance moves and lyrics to this song with different parts for
the boys than the girls: Funnily enough, the boys had to keep saying: "We're just so pretty." It was not a big hit. There was so much eye rolling that I worried they would leave only being able to glance to the right.

In addition we did some grammar exercises and took four breaks that lasted almost a half hour each. In the end, I was so tired I couldn't stand up so I spent the next eight caffeine -fueled hours unpacking boxes.

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