Friday, May 29, 2015

The recipe for successo

How to fill four hours of obligatory English lessons with around seventeen people in their twenties who are bored to death and have completely different levels of experience with the English language:

1. Make them sit in a circle on the floor.
This was a controversial move, and I had two assure two young men that their cell phones would places of honor right next to me in the circle. (Kumbaya.)

2. Teach them how to play a bilingual version of Cards Against Humanity:


It turns out that today's Italian youth will pass an hour playing a game that is very similar to raunchy madlibs with an extra topping of raunch dressing if it means that one team gets to win. They are very competitive.

3. Let them watch How to Get Away with Murder with Italian subtitles.

Get them to act out the Viola Davis parts even though almost no one knew what they were saying in English. Pray your boss doesn't walk in during the sex scenes that are allowed on primetime in the U.S.  (This happened not once, but twice.)

4. Teach Grammar. 
Just kidding. Don't do that. No one cares.

I asked them what we should do next week for our last (thank God) four hours together, and they said they wanted to do the same thing that we did this week, but with longer and more frequent breaks. Done and done.

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