Friday, May 08, 2015

Hail Mary
I just got cursed out by an Italian real estate agent. F said that this agent who only ever returned half of my phone calls to him, dropped the ball so many times that he had his balls practically dragging on the floor. One more guy on the person to avoid list. Yesterday I spotted all of my ex-colleagues from the fancy gym wearing matching t-shirts and walking around the city in hoards trying to convince people to buy memberships. They were sitting on the steps of the English school where I work and I had to march by them with the circles under my eyes and head held high. You can't be great these days if you don't have haters.

The real estate guy never sent me the email address to send the contract information to draw up the contract for the expensive apartment. We saw my student Elena's apartment first thing this morning and we liked it better than the expensive one. Aside from the fact that we don't have to pay the agent and it costs the same as we are paying now, it has some advantages. F was won over by the fact that it has a large eat-in-kitchen. It has two bedrooms and two bathrooms with showers and it has a lot of light. It is airconditioned because my student Elena's family the Martinelli's are the royal family of air-conditoning in Tuscany. We agreed to sign for it on Monday. I let my current landlord and the home exchange families know.

Here is Elena's family's business.
 F was so nervous that he sent Tatia to Madrid with my passport. We look a lot alike now so the airlines didn't notice. He had to express mail her the right one.

Here is our (fingers crossed!) new apartment:

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