Friday, May 08, 2015

Decision time
This morning I called five more real estate agents and we went to see an apartment that makes my grandmother's house in Hollis, Queens look glamorous and not too shabby. It had truck traffic on either side and F thought that the smog level was more or less on par with that in LA.

From there it got worse.

When my brother sent me this I wondered if it were a sign. Maybe they would like me to cut the ribbon for the dedication ceremony?

We walked chilometers and chilometers and went to see three apartments outside of the walls. One was flimsy, one was cheap, and one was really big, but tacky. They kind of reminded me of the Kardashians, now that I think about it. We came to the conclusion that we don't want to live outside the city walls.

On the way home, we walked smack into the real estate agent who said that the expensive new apartment is even more expensive than we thought it was going to be.  The owner spoke to his accountant and he will only go down 300 euros from his original asking price. In the end, we decided to take it so that we can get on with our lives and get out of here before the bugs finally make it up to our apartment.

Sometimes Oprah's timing for the email alerts is a little off.
I was hardly able to stand up by the time I got to the English school teach my final lesson of the day. I expained the whole adventure to my biologist and supplement expert named Elena. She is the most lovable student ever. Anyway, it turns out that she is friends with the man whose job it is to report on restaurants and bars who have music above the legal limit -- Watch out mean beer man! He was just at her house for dinner and he can be the one who gives restaurant owners a hefty fine for breaking the law. In Italy, it's all about who you know, baby.

It also turns out that her father and uncle are famous in town. They have a very big air conditioning company. Her uncle just bought a building that she lives in with her boyfriend and there is an apartment available. We walked out of the lesson and went to her house. It is a very cute building in a perfect location and her uncle named all of the apartments after the dwarves in Snow White. She lives in pisolino and she used to live in cucciolo, but the apartment that we could have is mammolo.

Mammolo. I guess that is Bashful.
Elena didn't have the keys to the two bedroom apartment so we couldn't make an informed decision. We can see that it is very well maintained, and bright, but it is very small. She told me we could come back in the morning to see it. Unfortunately, we already told the real estate agent that we would take the other one. Elena also warned me that the one we want to take is not far from the restaurant on top of the city walls where they blast music all night on Fridays. She advised us to stall and go out to the other place tomorrow night to see how loud the disco gets.

The real estate agent told me that he would give me his email address so I could send him our information to draw up the contract, but it is 9:23 now and he never sent it to me.


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