Wednesday, May 13, 2015

50 shades of crazy
I woke up with my heart pounding in my chest at around  6 AM this morning.

 At about11:30 AM we found out that you can't really rent a moving van in Lucca. It is the Italian way of encouraging you to hire a moving service. We went to the van rental place and he said there might be a loophole if we told the city office that gives vehicles permission to drive within the walls the idea that we were acquiring something. Then he sent us to an office that has since moved. Then the real office told us that there are no loopholes.

At noon I taught English for two hours, by which I mean that I complained about how hard it is to move in Italy for two hours in my native tongue while some people took notes. I ended up inviting the whole class for an aperitivo at our new place when the course is over which I am pretty sure is against all of the rules. What else is new?

I have to back up to 8 AM when the hammering started and when I say hammering, I mean a full scale assault on the roof and back wall of our house by the gentlemen who are restructuring the building next door. Unable to do anything else with all that racket going on, I decided to stream a bootleg version of 50 shades of grey, just because, and then the hammering got so loud that I couldn't tell if the protagonists were in ecstasy or if we were just having an earthquake. In the end, I looked on my bedside table and I found a lot of rubble and it turned out that the workmen had made a hole in the wall right behind me.

 I called the current landlord and he told me to see if I could get them to come fix it. I took photos of it and made the workman tell the landlord it was all his fault because I didn't want to lose our deposit. While the man, who turns out be Lucien was doing the repairs when I had a conversation trying to convince the new landlord that we had to sign the new lease tonight. He heard that we didn't have a van and he offered up his team for tomorrow.

T got home from Madrid at lunch-time and was very tired and unthrilled to have to make packing decisions. Big surprise there.

Finally, at 7 PM this evening the new landlord called and told us that we could come sign and get the keys, but just as we were finally getting to his office the railroad crossing closed on us and we got blocked. He waited for us and we are probably the only new tenants who have ever brought him a bottle of prosecco to celebrate. He looked fairly surprised.

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