Sunday, April 12, 2015

WTF What the . . . Firenze?
Italy is the only country in the world where a reality singing show begins with the two famous team leaders Emma and Elisa representing strong women with strong voices get handed aprons to decide whose team goes first. They are then literally forced back into the kitchen to have a male judge from Master Chef Italia, the one with the reputation for being a hardass, judge their ability to fry eggs.

On another note, F thinks that judge Renato Zero looks very much like the pride of America: Kelly Cutrone.

Renato Zero ora/now

Lo Zero allora/then

Kelly Cutrone: What you didn't watch The Hills, The City, America's Next Top Model or Kell on Earth? Don't even talk to me.
And btw . . . Snape Piton vs. Renato Zero?
And then this gorgeous thing happened:

Amici 14 Cristian e la danza con il ballerino... di superstarz_com

No, really . . . WTF!

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