Monday, April 13, 2015

Um . . I can't think of a title
Here are the photos of me taking my student Patrizia and her friend Elizabetta to meet my other student Roberto at the medieval celebration of something medieval. Insomma. Roberto's son was there so when it was Roberto's turn to shoot his arrow, I attempted to tell his son that I was keeping an eye out for his dad since I know this is a hard time for him. This is totally true because only my affection for Roberto could have forced me out of the house into the most allergen laden area of the city to watch people shoot arrows. However, my delivery or my Italian went awry again. Roberto's son and his son's girlfriend's body language forced me to conclude that I gave them the mistaken idea that I wanted to become their new mommy. It did not um go well. I should not empathise or say things out loud any more. Patrizia felt sorry for me, but also thinks I will never learn that Lucchese people are reserved. It is true that when I hear the term reserved I always think that they are talking about restaurant tables or hotel rooms and not people. Everyone in this town needs to learn English and also to drink more.

Sorry, Roberto.

It freaks me out when onlookers edge up the the very limit of the city walls.

Cute. Drummers. I hate them. They are a medieval migraine in motion. Patrizia adores them.
Patrizia & Elizabetta

If I had a white flag, I would wave it too.

I came home with puffy eyes and a swollen throat and forty minutes to shower and get ready to go downstairs to our neighbors' apartment which is full of bug poison to have dinner. It is so sad. One of the twins can't breathe because of it and stays up all night coughing. Sounds appetizing, right? But what was I going to say to our new friends -- It is good enough for you, but not for us? So we went. We ate. And ate and ate. And then I came home and threw up all night long. Today I woke up to the sound of drilling.  My landlord isn't answering his phone this morning. I have seven students this afternoon.

This is outside the paper company where F teaches English. I know I posted it before but now it is our new mascot.

I think this is as close to an ad for bugs so poor they have taken up pole dancing and stripping as you will ever get. I have no idea why this company uses them to advertise towel paper and toilet tissue. It is so gross.

Our new neighbors who are soon to be our new ex-neighbors. Not my fault. (This time.)

How cute is this little girl?
The twins loved T on sight. I believe there is some babysitting in her future.

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