Saturday, April 04, 2015

SPRING it forward
This week a lot of things sprang forwards. Maybe it is the aftermath of the eclipse, who knows? But for whatever reason, many of my English students took huge leaps forward this week.

For example, my cross bow expert, Roberto, was able to substitute his players of reserve/i giocatori di reserva -- which is what I call the subject pronouns because of the football culture here -- and he was able to make his own sentences that made sense for the first time.

I had a full hour lesson with this adorable guy named Giulio at the paint company (since none of his colleagues showed up) and we worked on his TRINITY exam topic. He chose Molfetta which is his home town. It came out that his wife and children, including his little seven month old, are still there. Well, no wonder he knows every crevice and every detailed trivia fact about the place. I can't even imagine how much he misses them now that he can only go back and see them every fifteen days. Anyway, he got the difference between the past simple and the past perfect which is essential for his passing the test and his face just lit up. All of the students are working really hard on their topics and I couldn't be prouder of them.

 And then my friend Anna will never acknowledge it, but her English has improved so much since we started taking our lessons on top of the walls to stroll and chat. Now she can speak in English the whole three kilometers about whatever she wants to and make herself understood. It is really a revelation when my Italian friends can speak to me in English for the first time. It adds a whole other level to our friendship.

Anway it put a Spring in my step:

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