Sunday, April 26, 2015

Some people never get the hint
I suppose that it is good that the two artistic directors of the teams on the talent reality show Amici -- Emma and Elisa -- are both talented singers, women, and friends. They continue to refuse to be catty to one another, which is probably ruining the plot line that the editors had in mind, seeing as they are such incredibly entrenched and unrepenting misogynists.

In the name of never improving or changing, the powers that be at Amici told Emma and Elisa that instead of a coin toss to see which team would go first, they would have a paint challenge. I was relieved for a moment thinking that at least with this challenge they wouldn't set back the feminist movement in Italy, which so far as I can tell consists of one female astronaut and Gianna Nannini, any further than they already have. But, of course, I was wrong.

Here is the set up which includes an old, male journalist who is going to test the singers' knowledge of anatomy and two containers of paint -- one for the white team and one for the blue team:
Okay, so Leonardo da Vinci. That's fine.
Wait! What's this??
Emma knows they're about to do something humiliating. You can almost see her mentally calculating her paycheck against her sense of sisterhood and personal values.

Right. Send out the naked men in skirts.

Then the old journalist who didn't even know which singer was which quizzed the singers about random anatomy and made them paint the muscles on the above mentioned naked males. It turns out that muscoli lombricali aren't on the guy's stomach but in his hands. Sorry, Emma.

Later Giorgio did a hip hop number about plastic surgery.

No one knows why judge Loredana didn't like it.

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