Saturday, April 25, 2015

Bad Beer Karma 
So far this week, F and I got terribly sick and I got such a bad earache that I went deaf temporarily in one ear. It was pretty crazy that I still had to teach the four hour long course for the apprentices/"yoots" on Wednesday. I taught them the handshake of New York as they learned how to say "My name is . . ." What you don't know that we have a handshake in New York? Yeah, okay, we don't, but don't blow my Lucca street cred.

It turned out to be a challenge not just because I had to keep saying what? what? and turning to them with my good ear, but because some of them knew a lot more English than they let on and some of them had never heard English before ever. Basically -- an English teacher's worst nightmare. One lovely guy from India who works at the fanciest restaurant in town actually spoke fluent English, but he was taking the class to learn Italian. That is hilarious. He said that he thought it was the least boring language class ever because I was so crazy. This one guy wouldn't get off his cell phone so I made everyone get off their chairs and sit on the floor. When he tried to bring his cell phone, I challenged him not to do that and he explained very sweetly that he had been listening to every word I said, but that he had to work things out with his girlfriend. What could I do? I thanked him for his honesty. Next class I am doing a new method of English combined with sign language and also hip hop music rhythms that help with memory enhancement. We are also doing speed dating with adjectives.

Every night the beer place in our courtyard blasts this strong Zumba music with a pounding bass line. When F asked the owner to turn it down, the owner said that he had a permit to play music until midnight and that he didn't care what the residents thought about it. Nice.

The next day I saw a woman setting up tables. I was hoping it was his possibly more rational wife, but it was a waitress. She told me that she worked at night and if people in our court work during the day that's not her problem. She also said you can't sell beer without music. I challenged that, but she said her paycheck comes before everything else and that we should move. I told her that she shouldn't be surprised to find that the doors of her restaurant are closed thus denying her said paycheck because I was going to call in every favor of every important person I know to do surprise inspections on that joint until the end of time. Then the boss came over and she told me to talk to him. I told her that I don't speak to irrational people and walked away. Out of spite, they doubled the volume and played music until way past one in the morning.

We decided to give our apartment to the family downstairs who can't afford to get a storage place for their furniture and can't probably afford to move again, although they have to. Our landlord will eventually get them better windows and he will gain continuity of occupancy. I need a new start because I seem to be crying all the time. Of course today is a holiday so we can't get a hold of any Italian real estate agents, but my neighbor is going to bring me on her real estate appointments on Monday and come check out our place instead. Everything happens for a reason. There is bad beer karma that's going to happen for sure. We are completely screwed about the home exchanges for the summer and we will never get mail again, but I promise you that I am going to find a new place to live.

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