Sunday, March 29, 2015

Good news & Cattivo news
The good news is that the Lucca Summer Festival line up doesn't completely suck this year:

The bad news is not really so much for us as for our poor, new neighbors. So not only did this family from Rome with their adorable twin three year old girls have the misfortune to experience an attempted break-in during broad daylight when they moved to the most busy shopping street in our little city, but then they moved in downstairs from us not knowing what disgusting people they were renting from. The same horrible couple whose neglected dog gave us fleas for four months which resulted in our having to give away our adored cats the first year we moved here, failed to tell them about the beetle infestation of their apartment. A situation of which they were well aware.

In the meantime, the mother of the twins fractured her leg or foot. She is the super hero of our times. I respect her so much. She hates insects as much as I do, and yet she has had to deal with her daughters discovering droves of them in her new apartment. She has faced everything with admirable grace and even joked that since she removed her leg cast herself, out of desperation from being locked inside with the bugs, at least she could use her crutch to kill the little beasts. The monsters that knowingly rented the family the apartment are now giving them a hard time about paying for a temporary place for them to go while their kitchen gets dismantled and for the extermination and cleaning fees. Meanwhile, believe you me, we have been filling every crack of our apartment with plaster and paint and putting edges on all of our doors so that they are level with the ground and putting down salt and baking soda. So far, thank the heavens, we haven't a one. I do live in fear. Everytime I speak with my lovely neighbor, I get nightmares. Luckily, the palazzo is stone and pretty well insulated. Anyway, my heart goes out to them. I was pretty relieved when Valentina called last night to tell me that we would be postponing the dinner at their place. You are vegetarians, you see, she laughed.

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