Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Sale time in Lucca

I went with Patrizia and Elizabetta for the first day of the sales. For those of you who live in New York, I suggest you sit down. We only get sales here for two weeks a year. Once in January and once in June. That's alright, people, breathe.

What I learned: you are not a real Lucchese (Luccrazy) unless you go straight to Tezenis at 4:00 PM on Monday afternoon and buy four different, but coordinating, tank tops that will cost you about 4,50 each instead of the usual 12,00 which you will then save until summer.

All of these women had one thought: tank tops.

Patrizia told us that she had been courting/corteggiando this one purse/borsa from Desigual for three years. Today she got it ("l'ho conquistata") at 30 % off and Elizabetta said she was so happy that it looked like Patrizia had gained ten kilos, which is some kind of Italian compliment we can't understand, but trust me on this.
People looked at me like I must be from New York because I bought a long sleeved black nightshirt for 6 euros instead. Amateur.

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