Thursday, December 25, 2014

Underwater Swedish Christmas Pageants (in Tuscany)
Last night we went to T's friend Natasha's Christmas show. She played the role of Sharpay in a scene from High School Musical. Let it be known that Natasha was the only real talent of the evening apart from one little girl who swallowed Jennifer Hudson and a woman who wore a reindeer sweater and sang like Laura Pausini.

We had to wait for half an hour before they started the show late. At least we got seats. Not everyone was so lucky. Area 23 is to organization what North Korea is to the Internet, if you get my drift.

At least there were cute puppies and children in the waiting area:

We managed not to get once decent picture of Natasha so here is Ashley Tisdale.
The head singing teacher started out the night by introducing the (drunk?) Santa Claus and saying that the number of Italian Christmas songs in existence can be counted on one hand. This was great because it also meant that everyone would be singing mostly in English. Good Times! Most of the people singing in English didn't speak English so it came out as a cross between ferocious Hollywood DUI level of intoxication . . .

Underwater speech like that in the Chicken of the Sea commercials circa 1979 . .

and the Swedish Chef muppet.

OH drunk Italian Santa!

F laughed so hard that he started crying and could only look down.

The boy who played the romantic lead was both heat flushed and blushing.

YOU'RE WELCOME! Merry Happiness on you wherever you are!

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