Sunday, December 28, 2014

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 F really played a huge trick on me and T this year. A while back I convinced him that it would be okay if I bought the last jacket in my size that was on sale and that I fell in lust with in Pisa about two months ago. I told him that it could be my Christmas present. Of couse, I didn't mean it. So when T asked him what he had gotten me for Christmas he told her nothing, knowing that she would run and relay the story to me. She convinced him that he got it all wrong and that I was a big baby about Christmas (true) and would be disappointed not to find anything under the tree.  He insisted that we had had an agreement. The evening of my birthday he gave me a knock out present -- this wristlet bag from the Italian artisanal company Campomaggi that I have admired for a long time, and he had a big laugh at how worried we had been. He really got me. And also he gets me.

I asked for homemade Hostess cupcakes. Nailed it.
T and F made this for me with their very own giant hands.
T made a really cool DIY photo project for me. This is the photo that helped us get our visa almost five years ago.

I have had a kind of annoying stomach virus this whole week that has made me slightly nauseous and achey and so I have been trapped in the house. I like hybernating at this time of year, but it has been a lot of indoor time even for me. I got it into my head to look up my whole high school class and some college people on FB and it really blew my mind. Most of them ended up being exactly what they said they wanted to be or what you would have imagined.

This one girl who looks exactly the same as she did back then and loved animals and always said she was going to grow up to be a veterinarian did just that. She is the sole reason I passed a big science project one time so I wish her a world of goodness. Here she is:

This is the really jerky guy that I was a door mat for and who loved Bugs Bunny cartoons. I didn't friend him or anything because even the thought of that makes me ill, but his photos were satisfying enough. He grew up to be a (cough) cartoon character. One photo is a fluke, but two??

Two of the girls in my class who said they were going to be opera singers grew up to be, lo and behold, opera singers, and the actor/dancer girl grew up to be an actor/dancer and even has a photo of herself with Joan Rivers on FB. A bunch of people aged terribly, which I may or may not have taken a little bit of glee in, and some people look great, but not the ones I would have expected. A lot of them who I thought were kind of mean-hearted  have really sweet looking families. I mean some people change, right? I have. On a dare to myself I "friended" a few that I would have been friends with if I had had the slightest inkling of self knowledge and/or a voice. I fantasize about myself in a trashy Drew Barrymore-like comedy role in that kind of film in which you relive everything or go back in time undercover or some such nonsense and could say the things you really were thinking at the time. Things that aren't actually so scary to say, but felt terrifying in the moment. I have no secrets really anymore, as you well know, and I am nothing if not brave, so we'll see if anything comes out of it. I expect the major part of them won't have any idea who I am or why I looked them up.

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