Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Opla' part 1
I did something. . . that will wreak havoc.

For a change.

Today we were invited to the lovely couple featured below's house for lunch. Their names are Fabio and Francesca. It is a holiday in Italy: la festa dell'immacolata. Francesca made us like a four course lunch and Fabio poured like three kinds of alcohol into our glasses at various points in the meal, as if we were important guests or something.

The woman on the right side of the photo is my friend Patrizia. She is having us to a dinner party she has been planning for the last four months on Saturday night. She is going to make special desserts from her native Napoli. She asked me for the phone number of the lovely couple she was talking to all night at our Thanksgiving gathering. I vaguely remembered her talking to another couple at the end of the night, probably just a few words before saying goodbye. They are our friends Luca and Monica who run the best bakery in Lucca. I sent her their phone number. She called them and invited them to her party. They were confused. Monica asked me to send a photo of her on whatsapp because she didn't know who Patrizia was. I thought that was weird since Patrizia said that she had talked at length with this lovely couple. I took this photo. I went so far as to cut the couple out of the shot and then I sent it to Monica.

Midway through lunch today, I realized my mistake. This is when I should say cacchio, right? I asked them. As in, oh shit.

Patrizia is coming over for an English lesson tomorrow at which time I have to explain to her what went down Unfortunately, Fabio and Francesca have already made plans for the night of the party with some cousins that they can not refuse.

I feel like I don't do much, but the things that I do do, I can really make into spectacular disasters.

Good thing we have a blog.

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