Monday, December 01, 2014

Ma che culo!
Yesterday T thought four hours would be enough time to prepare herself for her history test today. She was wrong. She ended up studying until 2 AM. Shortly after I finally fell asleep there was a knock at the door and T, whose sugar level was running high, wanted to know if she could go to school late the next day. F said that it wouldn't make much difference, but that he would wake her up early so she could study in the morning. Only he didn't hear the alarm. Or the back-up alarm. And instead of waking her up early, he woke her up late with no time to study. Thank goodness, I slept through that myself. Nevertheless, F was wracked with guilt. T, of course, should learn to wake up with an alarm even though she sleeps like a deaf rock. She should also have started studying earlier on Sunday, but it's not like she is a slacker. She is incredibly scrupulous and disciplined with her work. F and I were really tense for her. Then F got the text: Her professor was absent today!

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