Sunday, December 14, 2014

La Festa di Santa Lucia
When I realized that Patrizia's party was on the festa di Santa Lucia I started to have fantasies about

 a scenario in which Americans go to a traditional Italian holiday dinner and are forced to stuff themselves until they turn into some kind of expat turducken.

This time we were prepared: We requested a vegetarian option that we know our hostess prepares to perfection and we brought a minimal dessert (marshamallows for roasting in the fireplace), wine, and whole wheat bread.

Of course, in this scenario, our hostess was much more of this type than the other:

Nevertheless, I think the pictures speak for themselves:

Hey active little boy, the Americans say you can stick your arm in a fireplace.
 F is tall.
Patrizia's daughter and son-in-law are beyond adorable. She's a nurse. He just got a job in human resources at Gucci where the perks are awesome.

You got a 2500 euro bag for 250???? Tell me more!

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