Thursday, December 04, 2014

Here's an example of something that wouldn't happen to us if we were still living in New York:

T asked me to write her a giustificazione/excuse letter to get her out of being interrogated in science class tomorrow. She stayed up that other night studying until 2 AM and never made up her ever-increasing sleep deficit. This afternoon she crashed and woke up not even knowing what day it was. She just wants the letter as a back-up in case she doesn't get enough done before the night is through.

The problem is that neither of us is sure how to say "Please don't interrogate her" in Italian. I did what I do all day long when I need to learn a word - cioe' I GOOGLED it. What I came up with was a dozen articles explaining the treatment of Amanda Knox while she was in the Italian prison system and a couple of images from the television series Homeland.


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