Saturday, November 29, 2014

Very Much.
Yup. Those are paper napkin flowers. I made them with my own little hands.

I can't remember if I told you this story already, but it's so darn cute that I'm gonna tell it anyway. My student Mario from the intensive course that I did in September told it to us. When he was a little boy, he once helped an American tourist on the train to lift her bags from the overhead rack. She bent down and thanked him profusely in English. He wanted to say you're welcome, but didn't know the words in English. So he thought about it very hard and with a big nod of his head he belted out, "Very Much." This has become the name of our little group on social media and I just got the app they have been using this whole time to practice English together through their text messages. I told you they were cute. All but two of the students made it to Thanksgiving, but I had no idea that they would be bringing Thanksgiving presents for me. Some of them have found jobs since the class ended, but some are still looking, so they really shouldn't have spent money on me, but they did. They got me a silver heart necklace and a picture frame and a mug with Babbo Natale/Santa Claus on it.

 Did you notice the new Frida Kahlo curtains in the kitchen? It is a kitschy ass kitchen anyway so I said, hey, let's just embrace it.

 There was the usual confusion before everyone got here when I cleaned the cracks between the shower tile and the rust stains around the bathroom faucets and added an extra half bottle of red wine to F's red wine gravy because that's how I like it. F made us shell these sticky chestnuts so I made him listen to my music including my Thanksgiving theme song, and, in the end, we had to throw out the chestnuts because I was worried about killing the Italians with the little shards we left in it.

There's F. He made 5 pumpkin pies: 2 normal, one with vin santo and cookie crust, and one with cheesecake. We had to get our can of Libby's pumpkin filling from Richmond's English Shop in Viareggio. Shout out to Tara!
Pre-dinner libation of choice: red, red wine.
The problem with having 30 people over is that you always feel like you are short changing people and I didn't want anyone to feel neglected. I made some improvements this year by getting people to throw their own coats on the bed, pour their own drinks (for the most part) and I taped a huge garbage bag to the wall so that I didn't spend every last second waitressing. Nevertheless, it all went by in a blur.

 It is really weird to have sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce (T's friend Camilla's mom brought it from Whole Foods in America!) for the first time at a completely vegetarian Thanksgiving. They were particularly weirded out by the stuffing, but in the end everybody loved everything and we even converted a few people into loving brussels sprouts.

T's friends only do selfies, apparently.

The guy in the middle is Mario.
My SUPER students AKA Very Much

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