Saturday, November 22, 2014

T turns 15
 T has had some pretty sweet birthdays and birthday parties in her life. Here are some throwback photos that makes me smile.

T'sr birthday came on a Friday this year which would be great . . . if we were in America. In Italy, it is not great because there is school on Saturday and because Friday is the day that everyone is burnt out and wishes that they went to school in America. The good news is that T had planned the perfect birthday outfit to wear to school. The bad news is that one of the stones on the embellished v-neck fell off at the last minute and started to unravel so she had to scramble and was late to school. The good news is she got there before the professor did the roll call. The bad news is that the math teacher upon finding out that it was T's birthday was unimpressed and pointed out that it was sure to be someone's birthday more or less every day. Nice. Therefore, she decided that it was okay to interrogate T in math on her birthday. T's friend Natasha pointed out that this was soooo rude and I agree. The good news is that T knew that it was going to happen. The bad news is that she knew it was going to happen. The great news is that when she went to the blackboard she did get the math problem right. The crappy news is that the professor didn't like the way she explained how she got the right answer in Italian and didn't give her as high a grade as she deserved. On an upnote she got a grade high enough to make her feel on good footing in math for the moment.

Super sweet was the fact that her classmates, who did not step up when they had the option to be interrogated in her place, did make the lovely gesture of writing her cheery birthday messages on the dry erase board. A little sour was the professor who had a heart attack about all the ink they were using since the school has only dryed up marks that the teacher has to wet to get any mileage out of them. In her defense, when she found out that it was in honor of T's birthday, she did say that if the last bit of ink were to be used up at least that was a decent reason.

T's friends Natasha and Giorgia came over for a burrito and chocohotopot dinner and T opened her presents. I have decided to adopt all of these tall girls and keep them hostage until they agree to watch Clueless and Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Those are my terms and I'm not budging on them.

I have the best girl in the world and she is fifteen. I did all kinds of bad things when I was 15. Good thing we moved to this weird time warp medieval village in Europe where even trouble doesn't even know where to find you on its GPS.


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