Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Today T's school had an assembly day where her class saw the movie Thank You For Smoking. Her school is so weird. If I understood correctly, it was a great hit with the 15 year old boys who couldn't watch Katie Holmes getting boned enough times. Yup, that was there great take away from the movie: thrusting technique . It did nothing to discourage them from their smoking habits, however.

In further news, during said assembly it was pointed out that the school has a number of structural integrity issues apart from the fact that, as I have mentioned, there are only three toilet stalls for 200 kids and no doors on the stalls or toilet paper. There are huge holes where rain comes in and one wall that is so moldy that you can poke through it with your index finger. They covered it with dry wall, but that, of course, does nothing but change it's color. In addition, they have no money to pay substitute teachers so sometimes they were told that they will not have instruction -- to which one student, a girl, replied, "So what are we supposed to do in that case? Sit around and scratch our balls??" So that is where our Italian tax dollars are going.

We are all glad that the big giant 4 day long mess/casino they call Lucca Comics is over and here's why:

As a friend of mine pointed out, we are really lucky this is a convention of well mannered geeks instead of, say, soccer enthusiasts.

Remember how I used to tell that the season had changed by the television in commercials in America. For example I knew it was spring in Brooklyn when the Cadbury egg commerical came on. In Italy you can tell right away that winter is coming and here's how -- they turn on the air conditioning in the Uomini &  Donne (equivalent of the American show The Bachelor)  studio. Look at the contestants and how cold they look:

Cheer up, Italian bachlorette #7!
Your scarf is not a talisman, lady.

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