Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Cozy November and the F bomb
So, this week's X Factor Italia started out with the host walking out to a recorded track that was a couple of notes and then as the curtain opened they dropped the F bomb.

Based on the stuff they play over the loudspeakers at the Esselunga supermarket, you would have to deduce that Italians don't know any English curse words. This beyond being so much fun, works in my favor in that my hip hop middle schooler's iPod ate all of his music and so I am making him a 3 hour-long CD of really explicit rap music that he assures me his mother can't understand at all. He stopped by the house unannounced today rambling some kind of story about how he promised the song names to his dance teacher; and I found myself emailing my iTunes list to his mother's email account at her office and then frantically cancelling the ones that had the F bomb in the title or that said explicit well.. er.. um explicitally.

I am also making all of these books of English lessons for F to teach and organizing everything so that we don't have to reinvent the wheel everytime we have to take a course or frantically chase down the same hand-outs we need or rewrite the syllabus. I love the Internet, no matter what you say. What did English teachers do before? I vaguely remember something about the dewey decimal system and libraries. I am also going to take some of his students so he can be freed up because now that my 80 hour course has concluded, I don't have much else on my plate. I feel mildly guilty, but it has been nice to workout for an hour, meditate, not wear any makeup and be pretty much stress free for this whole week. Eventually I'll get hired again by the English school, but they pushed back my courses until January because they didn't have enough takers.

I am trying this experiment that has T calling me a hippie, and not in a good way. I am trying to rid the house of toxic detergents and make our own vinegar and baking soda. I also gave up shampoo and am trying to find a conditioner without sillicone in it. I smell like salad and so does the  house. I drink apple cider vinegar, use it on my skin, and now I clean with it so I am, as T says, officially one of those kind of people. But one thing about going natural is that you save a ton of money.

Lucca is rainy most days in November so it is very cozy. F brings us home la zuppa frantoiana which is a really yummy vegetable soup and we put parmigiano and peperoncino on top. It is so good.

T's school is having this time that they call co-gestione where there are no official classes for four days and the students can sign up for these elective options. If you pick the wrong option, you can find yourself being interrogated by a senior student or a teacher you don't even know in front of a room full of people. If you pick a good option, you can end up watching a cool movie and not having to work at all. T played hooky for day one with her friend and it made me very nostalgic for when I played hooky back in the day for some reason. I found myself saying, Don't go to school tomorrow either. . . Once in a while I remember who I am and go, Oh right, I'm the mother.

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