Friday, November 07, 2014

caveman style
So I have been following this skin care blog The Love Vitamin. It is so popular that there is now a  whole skin care bootcamp program being offered, and I just had to get in there. The blog creator Tracy Raftl has completely revampled my skin care regimen and my way of thinking about the skin I'm in. Here are some of the big revelatory highlights:

For starters, less is more. I don't want to think about the wasted money, effort, and tears, but this is how simple a regimen can be. First thing in the morning, just splash cold water on your face. That's it. Then at night, I use manuka honey for its antibacterial properties to cleanse with. While my face is wet I smooth on some jojoba oil and then take away some of it with cool water. Any inflamed or broken out skin can be treated with aloe vera. That's it. I, personally, add also tamanu oil and st. john's worts oil to the spots with hyperpigmentation because these three euro oils work better than the 80 euro Clinique serum I had been buying with my (imaginary) skincare fund money.
Day 14 . . .

This is called the modified caveman method. The real deal is something Tracy was the guinea pig for which is not letting your face touch water for a whole 28 days. And although her experiment gave her great results, I don't know if or when I would be so brave. The idea is that your facial skin regenerates every 28 days so that if you don't wash it for that long, you end up with this kind of mask of dead skin that then comes off to reveal a beautiful layer from underneath. This new layer has an acid mantle that protects it from acne. So all of the expensive peels and creams that I have been using since I was thirteen have only served to ruin that defense mechanism and create a dependence on useless products.

My emotional take away is that the less fuss in the routine, the less stress; and the less stress, the better your chances are to have clear skin anyway. Fingers crossed.

I feel like I can start reading the Sue Orzman column again in O magazine without it bringing up feelings of enormous guilt. My beauty routine, including hair care (since I quit going to beauty parlors on the regular) is now officially super budget friendly and DIY. Before we moved to Tuscany, I worried about what I would do in a new country if my skin went back to it's old tricks and I didn't have a dermatologist or any of my usual lotions and potions available. As usual, worrying about a problem in advance is not a sure fire way of solving anything. Lucky, I'm getting smarter over time and not just better looking. (Kidding.)  But seriously, I'm not afraid to say, "Well, that's another thing I've been doing wrong for the last couple of decades."

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