Saturday, November 08, 2014

Beer, butter, and the deceased
T finally contributes to the blog:

 "We had to read an article on the pros and cons of Halloween for school. Somehow it ends up talking about the Italian attitude towards death:

Non sappiamo accettare la morte come gli indiani o gli arabi; non sappiamo ricordarla come gli ebrei; non riusciamo a sorriderne come gli inglesi. Stiamo tentando allora di esorcizzarla come gli americani, che sono bravissimi a proporre la versione light della cose. Birra, burro o defunti: se è leggero, se ne consuma di più. Certo.

- Severgnini Beppe

"We don't know how to accept death like the Indians or the Arabs; we don't know how to remember it like Jews; we can't make light of it like the English. So we try to exorcise it like Americans, who are great at offering up the light version of things. Beer, butter and the deceased: if it's light, you can consume more of it."


T keeps repeating this new mantra at random moments during meal times. She must have been giggling over it at school too because her classmate Camilla wrote it on T's hand in permanent marker like a tattoo. Occhio I said like a tattoo.

T has also shared with us that the professors use 30 sided dice to call on students to be interrogated. T is number nine so she crosses everything hoping that number nine never shows up so she doesn't have to speak Italian in front of the whole class.

My friend Nazarena's mother and I apparently have similar taste in Italian television programs, so although we have never met we exchange information through Nazarena. That is why I found myself watching a talent show modelled after the Spanish Tu Si' Que Vales which I guess means Yes, You are Worth Something. The whole premise of the show is that the acts are so bad that the judges need these white, la-Z boy, remote control reclining chairs. They have to really hate the act to gong it because that entails getting their lazy behinds out of the reclining chairs and walking a ridiculous distance to this virtual hourglass that responds to their gonging it, thus taking away the rest of the contestant's performance time. It's not X factor, but it will do in a pinch.

Anyway, I was pretty amazed to find that there is an extreme sport that is going to be the death of a ton of young thrill seekers that I had never imagined possible. It is called the FlyBoard and it was pretty shocking to see for the first time. Maria de Filippi, (and, yes, she is the host of every show in Italy), and her crew of judges including soccer star Francesco Totti went to an outdoor pool for this one. These guys are on skateboards without wheels that are driven around by these spooky driver-less motor boats that have fireman hoses attached to the skateboards. All of the sudden the guys are hoisted way high into the air by the jets of water and begin flying like happy dolphin. It is so trippy. I'm a little obsessed. Check it out. The last clip is the best:

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