Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Grammar Rap Challenge
It's Sunday morning and I look on Facebook to find that my students had sent me a challenge.
A quanto pare, they were all impressed by this rapping English teacher who sells his videos on-line.
Needless to say, I took the challenge and put my own little spin on it.

Here is his video:

Here is mine:

Irregular Verb Rap by K

 Be ready, you were
he was and has been
My name is K----
 I’m from Manhattan
 I will begin as he began
because the rap has just begun
 I’m from the big apple
so take a bite
 it’s bit, bit, bitten, son.
Beat, beat, beaten,
 the youtube professor has eaten my dust
 Take took taken the mic away from a fake
 and shake shook shaken
guardate la figura I’m making . . .

T said my video should come with a warning: THIS IS NOT A DRILL. MAJOR EMBARRASSMENT AHEAD.

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