Thursday, October 16, 2014

Love at the Pizza Parlour
Renata & Eleanor reunited at last!
Eleanor and Renata with Michael and Gaia looking on . .
If you remember, it was Eleanor who gave Renata at Bella 'Mbriana pizzeria the love advice which is widely thought to be the reason that she met the new love of her life Stefano just two days after.  We had quite the reunion the other night. Renata's daughter Gaia who is looking for work as a graphic designer and who dreams of going to New York one day was on hand for the festivities. Stefano also joined us. He is an iron worker who earlier in the week had a shard of iron enter one of his eyes, but he regained his sight just in time for our pizza night. I was not pimptastic enough to score Gaia a trip to New York or a job, but Eleanor very graciously offered to give their whole family very expensive tickets to the musical of Dirty Dancing in Milano. They are going to close down the pizzeria for a night in order to go because Renata has a son in Milano and this will be a special night for them.

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