Friday, October 31, 2014

Fai la cattiva, perche' la brava noia
My new motto is be bad, because being good is boring.

Things you can count on in this lifetime:
1) The contestants on Uomini e Donne will not wear anti-perspirant.

 2) F and I will have no idea which Sunday in Autumn we will be woken up by the absurd and sadistic announcer of the Lucca Marathon.
 3.) If there is a way to objectify women, Italians will go to great lengths to do so, usually be putting women in bathingsuits at every possible event despite the season or context.

4.) Even if we get the flu shot, when you least expect it, you will struck down by a strong cold virus right before or after Comics hits Lucca. I will spare you the actual photo, but my sinuses are swollen as cazzi di toro/bull penises. I know the exact dimensions of said anatomy part because they had to eat them on one of my favorite Italian reality shows - Pechino Express.

I love the host - Constantino.

"It's very hard"


5. During said Comics festival, which is ever increasing in scope, size, and chaos, you will be woken up by drunk, comic-loving, geeks four out of the four nights.

See above truth #3.

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