Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sweating and the Italian Bachelor

I'm not saying that I watch Uomini e Donne, which is the Italian equivalent of the The Bachelor, but let's just say it is occasionally part of my anthropological studies. That said, how hot must they keep that studio? With all the attention to hair and make-up how can they let everyone's underarm sweat stains show? Even Maria de Filippi has stains under her arms. There has been a lot of press about the connection between anti-perspirant and cancer. Hopefully, these guests were wearing enough cologne to mask any unfortunate spillage. I actually support the Italian anti-anti-perspirant proclivity because I had a terrible reaction to the aluminum-based ingredient which gave me 72 hours of sweat protection while I was fitness instructing and then caused sharp salt like crystals to emerge from my face instead. Not fun. Go ahead, young lovers, detoxify naturally on camera.

To be fair . . . It was a two part episode.

 I love the fact that the show host is shpritzing on the staircase there. When she bends forward you can see completely down her shirt. And complimenti on her abs, but it is a bit awkward. I mean this is a highly paid "journalist" who is really calling it in. Am I right?

The whole audience looks like a before shot for the commercial for Right Guard, Secret, Dial, Dove and Arrid combined.

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