Monday, September 08, 2014

Progress report 
I have been very social because of my hormonal hibernation period before we left. I have had to prove to my friends that I have returned to my real self. You remember the whole scene with the intervention and soggy conversations that took place in June. Well, my skin isn't perfect, but it is much better. I truly believe that Estroblock by delgado protocol is the supplement of the decade and that it can help millions of women like me who suffer with acne and unbalanced hormone levels because of going on or off the pill or because of menopause etc. As a result, I have had lunch, after dinner, after drinks with walks around the walls thrown in for good measure just to prove to my friends that I am BACK.

The photos are of our adorable friends Luca and Monica who just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. They are the ones who run the best bakery in Lucca called Giusti. They had a mass at the church first and then invited us to the canonica afterwards for the aperitivo. There was a lot of prosciutto and filo dough so we waited to get a pizza from my favorite pizzeria Bella 'Mbriana afterwards. The owner Renata is a widow who opened her heart to out friend Eleanor who gave her some sage love advice. Renata then found love again with Stefano. They make a very cute couple and when I mentioned Eleanor's name she gave us two free pizzas which made me blush. Don't worry, I'm bringing them some friends this week to make good on my promise to come back.

I'm sorry but they are so cute.

And happy.

 Unfortunately, our ipod camera really is a stinker. But here is one of my noisy and annoying neighbors enjoying his seat on the terrace that practically lead in my kitchen window. In his UNDERWEAR. If he didn't want to be in a blog, he shouldn't go around begging for it like that.

I think my private English student with the oral exam is really making good progress. Her exam is on Wednesday. She decided not to go to the ricevimento with the professor because that is supposed to be an occasion to make a good impression and get advice about study techniques, but the professor really screwed everyone by moving the date to just twenty four hours before the exam. My student's friend told her not to go because the professor is a moody Judy and if she is in a bad mood she could just start firing English at her, tell her that she is not ready to take the exam, and take her off the list just like that. Today's study session was a disaster. She was exhausted and let all the fight go out of her. She was speaking in weird, half-memorized sentence fragments. She spent hours memorizing not only the script, but all of the essay summaries that I had given her for comprehension purposes only. As a result nothing stuck. And the stuff that had stuck before, got unstuck. I believe in her, though. I really hope she kicks ass on that exam.

 Meanwhile, I'm still on a DIY home decorating kick and these are the latest additions:

Now the question is

how to get the restaurant
to stop giving me corks!
And I moved the wall hanging into the bedroom.

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