Monday, September 15, 2014

Novita'/The Latest

Here is a picture from cork-art-as-an-excuse-to-drink night. I wish I had Bernadette in the photo, but oh well.

This is the new old mirror we bought at the Mercatino for the iving room.
The radiator kind of throws off the spatial balance so we thought it would help frame the sitting area.
 T made friends with this young woman in her yoga class who has started up an Indian take out business on the sly. We love on the sly. It was quite delicious even though the portions were tiny. The naan bread also didn't work out, but everything else was scrumptious. Ethnic food restaurants are not allowed to open up within the city walls and the ones outside the walls are mostly bad so this was very exciting indeed!

Saturday night was Santa Croce again. For once, it didn't rain on everyone.

My old neighborhood landmark was Ozzie's coffe shop in Park Slope, so this is still shocking.

Just as I had finished the Buon Appetito sign for the restaurant below and right after cork art stopped being fun, Salvatore, the owner of the restaurant downstairs and my prime cork supplier, stopped me to tell me two things. One, he had more corks for me (groan). I had to beg him to stop giving me their corks. But it made me feel so good to have something to do with them, he said. He looked so pleadingly at me that I considered continuing to take them upstairs and then creating a secret dumping plan where I would then just throw them away. But we share the same garbage bag alley, and also, no.

The second thing was his idea. He asked me if I had finished the sign and I, without thinking, said yes, because I had. He tried to get away with an Oh well, forget it. I had to actually threaten to tickle him in front of his customers - which T says is cringe worthy - to get him to tell me that instead of Buon Appetito he preferred a sign that said Da Rosolo which is the name of his restaurant in honor of his late father. So back to the drawing board I went. I had to dismantle the corks and strip the glue off them and they looked a bit horrible. Then I had to start all over again because the real corks are too hard to read and it actually works better with the fake sillicone kind of cork.  In the end, it seemed like they liked it. I hope they did. We still haven't been to their rivals' restaurant and it is so awkward. The rivals kind of glare at us. Every day.

Here are Salvatore's wife Stefania and me in front of the sign. A little too much space between the d and the a, but it's too late now.
 Today is T's first day back at school so here is the :)LOTD (that means "look of the day" for all of you sfigati/uncool people out there who are a day behind me in keeping up with the lingo). You're welcome.

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