Monday, September 29, 2014

Nicest niece ever

I shouldn't have stressed over it. All house guests should be as easy and polite as my niece.

F hasn't figured out the selfie height differential. Those slits are his EYES.

Welcome to Lucca. No, honey, you have not entered some weird time warp, it's where we live now.

Here are Jasper and T eating gelato.
You know she is great, if she can handle me on day twelve of my cycle.
Day 12 according to the green line of estrogen is the zombie apocolypse.

Here is an interesting fact: I moved to Tuscany and I am deathly allergic to the blossoming olive orchards so that even when I am inside my sinuses look like whoopie cushions and my eyes look all puffy and weird. Imagine if I went to the countryside right now. Actually, don't do that. Don't do that with all your might.

Hint: This is not me. Not on day 12, anyway.

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