Monday, August 04, 2014

Your Hair is Money

 Last night, after a day of sitting on the porch and looking up at the majestic mountains all around us, reading Mindy Kahling's Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (highly recommended), and petting their remarkably sweet and obedient mop of a dog named Juno, everyone decided to have a Project Runway viewing session in their luxurious basement HOME MOVIE THEATER (so Pinterest!).

There are three rows of couches with pillows and a big movie screen, WHAT?
T brought herself and her foot, which is now a normal size, downstairs and said that little Vivienne had been doing her hair. I guess I quickly raised one eyebrow because T's hair is a luscious mass of wild waves and curls, but tends to knot easily. T replied, "Oh don't worry, she just rubbed money on it." And I paused for a moment to take in that particular gem of information. I am pretty sure hairstylists, pet psychics, and other new age professionals all across the country are now pondering this new technique that was invented by none other than a certain strawberry blonde three-year-old with vision.

Stephen and Mabel and Juno, the world's most gentle dog.
When they woke up in the car alone a few feet away from us in the driveway, they were outraged. It is hard to say who was more outraged, Vivi or Maybel. They were a united, outraged front. At dinner, Vivienne made it clear that it was never to happen again. We all kind of bowed our heads and agreed.
Or you can look this way . . .
Or over here!
Don't look at the giant billboard art. It reminds me of the anti-pollution commercials of the 1970's which made me feel as if I, at seven years of age, was solely responsible for litter in America and making strong native American men cry.

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