Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Today we set off around noon time to have a picnic and some adventures in Aspen.

Here is Mabel giving major shade to the pacifier industry by promoting foot sucking as a natural soother for teething babies around the world. You go, girl.

We all drove to this bus that had a tour guide. She told us lots of cool stuff. She said that there might be bears and moose. You are not supposed to run from either, but you do want to give them a lot of space. For the moose there is a rule of thumb by which if you can see that the moose is bigger than your upheld thumb, you are in trouble. Good to know, tour guide lady. She showed us where they keep some mountain goats and llamas and then she mentioned the quaking Aspen trees, silver mines, and avalanches and finished up with how there are deadly parasites in the water. Meagan kept looking over at me nervously and making a chopping hand under her chin and shaking her head no to try to convince me that none of this was true. There were storm clouds gathering and we weren't altogether sure we wouldn't be caught in a thunderstorm, but we were not to be discouraged.

Here are Meagan and Vivienne on the bus.

F is such a rebel. He disregarded all of the bear safety rules, right off the bat.
Here we are in nature.  Um, when did T get to be almost five inches taller than me?
Vivienne wore her princess costume and her sporty kicks.

What you can't see are how many millions of insects there are in the mountains. MILLIONS. Stingy kinds, buzzy kinds, sticky kinds, noisy kinds -- all kinds of insects. It is if they were trying to tell us that we had landed on their turf.

BUT still . . .

It was super beautiful.

Here is the parasite filled water.

No, you are not seeing things. This is Stephen deciding to take a plunge into the freezing cold, parasite filled water.

On his way out, he put us at ease by screaming that he couldn't breathe.

This is the point where he started to complain that the water temperature was not ideal.

Here he is making Joe Cocker arms. If I hadn't been so worried about him, I would have laughed and laughed.

The mountain air gave F quite the appetite.

But he knows himself and packed extra sandwiches.

That fancy men's clothing store is called Testosterone. Keep all of the hormone jokes to yourselves, please.

This is when T discovered on the gondola ride that it is scarier to sit backwards.

She became ever so slightly hysterical . . .

We were way high above the trees.

The mini tacos were awesome.

The nice thing about shopping in Aspen is that no matter how crappy you look, everyone assumes that you are filthy rich. Here is an LOL sign that goes for over $4,000 -- LOL.

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