Saturday, August 16, 2014

Hot Springs
Today our wonderful friends

Meagan, Stephen, Vivienne & Mabel
 took us to, arguably, one of the most beautiful spots on earth - the hot springs at Avalanche Ranch.

La vista!
We checked in at a cute little shop where they explained that we would have three pools- warm, medium, and hot with a waterfall and a perfect view of the mountains.

They had these sleeper wagons for "glamping." Meagan asked me if I could imagine myself sleeping in one; and I kind of disuaded her ,saying, "It's like a tomb, but with bugs, right?" She just chuckled knowingly, as if to say, "Ah, those New Yorkers . . ."

No really, it's like a tomb, but with bugs.

We had a picnic.

Mabel napped like an angel in the body temperature soothing springs.

We swang on the ski lift.

It was delightful.

 We tried to take a family selfie . . .

We nailed it!

Best day ever!
 Mabel woke up in an awesome mood.

I love napping in hot springs, what?

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