Saturday, August 09, 2014

Home Alone
Our friends and hosts Meagan and Stephen took T to babysit for Vivienne and Mabel at their friend's wedding in another part of Colorado.  (I'm a terrible parent; I don't know where they are.) They booked a suite and have loads of activities to do. So F and I found ourselves Home Alone. We had a leisurely oh-so-peaceful breakfast in bed and took long strolls around the neighborhood. We played with their dog Juno and did a giant clean up of the downstairs so that everyone will come home to a sparkling house. It was just a perfect day. Tonight we are going to watch a film in our private movie theater and devour some chips and guacamole. I could get very used to this.

Today F and I found a snake skin on the path and a massive swarming ant hill. I turned to F and voiced my concern that I don't actually really like nature. He looked alarmed and said that we are a part of nature. We compromised on the fact that I will be cool with nature as long as it stays outside.

P.S. Speaking of totally drama filled romance shows, you have not watched reality TV until you have watched Temptation Island, the Italian version. It is called Vero Amore or something. The set up is that these couples get separated and put into different villages filled with horny single models of the opposite sex for three weeks. While people get their various degrees of flirt on, the cameras are constantly rolling.  Every night the contestants come to a bonfire with the host who shows first the women and then the men videos of what their partner did while they were apart. Oh my! In the finale, one woman got so hysterical that the host had to get involved and do some makeshift couple's therapy. It was fabulous. A must-watch for students of Italian all over the world.

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