Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Drinks & Eats
Today Vivienne had her first Lemonade stand with cupcakes that F and T made and for which Meagan made pink icing with beets!
T, bringing home the money Brooklyn style.
Stephen did his part by shaming really polite Colorado citizens into paying four coins (of any type, take your pick) for beverages and snacks. It was ADORABLE. And totally embarrassing. I used to hide while F took T to make her lemonade stands, if I recall correctly.

Vivienne can be pretty persuasive in her own right. She got me to hide under a suffocatingly hot blanket with her for about two hours during which time I convinced her that it we were such important people that the rest of the people in the house were probably really worried about us and trying frantically to find us. She loved it. No one was happier than I when we finally did get found, trust me.

 We went to dinner at Meagan and Stephen's friends Lisa and P.C.'s house where his mom made an Israeli buffet based on some of her many travels with his dad who like P.C. works for the military. Baby Mabel was a bit miserable because she had had a vaccine that day and Vivienne was a bit miserable because she had not had a nap that day, but since it was an early bird dinner situation we all got home and crashed before anyone could even think about looking for the super moon or the meteor showers that are supposed to be happening. We have our own super moon and meteor showers and their name is Vivienne and Mabel, so take that night sky.

Let me quickly sum up what T told me about her weekend babysitting at the wedding: Stephen made them leave the house at the crack of dawn so that he could take off for a five hour epic bike ride with his guy friends as soon as he got there. Meagan and T eventually got even with him by taking off to get massages at the hotel. T had never had a massage and so she kind of took the masseuse by surprise when she came back into the room to find T still dressed and not lying down. Eventually T caught on and she came home about three inches taller because her spine was so straight and relaxed. Before the actual wedding Meagan and T found a magical fabric store that had cool hipster selections. They poured over them for ages until T piped up saying, "Um aren't you supposed to be at a wedding in twenty minutes?" T got the two girlies dressed all by herself while Meagan took the fastest shower on record. They arrived at the wedding seconds before the bride walked down the aisle. In fact, they cut it so close that Meagan got to call out good luck to the bride and her dad as she ran past them to her seat. They told us all the gory details at dinner, thank you very much, which made it seem a lot like the movie Bridesmaids complete with explosive poops that bypassed all diapers, car sickness, and a desperate cry out for wipes to random mothers in cafes.

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