Sunday, August 17, 2014

Date Night
We all decided that Meagan and Stephen should have a date night.

And then all this cuteness happened:
Viv and F playing nail salon. Flower striped dazzle sparkle was his favorite color for thumbs.

Juno went to sleep with no problems.

Nanny magic. 

Snuggling in.

Notice the adorable hair twirling action of Viv's fingers entwined in T's locks.

Vivi was an angel and yawned all the way through the first half of Mary Poppins and then fell asleep after a page or two of the story T was reading to her.

Mabel had a good cry and needed a diaper change. The three of us fought over what she needed: to be burped, more  milk, belly time, to go outside, to bounce -- and then when she pooped we just did what any sane person would do - hand her over to F.

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