Sunday, August 03, 2014

Colorado, mountain mammas
Or however that banjo strumming song goes.

When we got off the plane in Denver -- WITH ALL OUR LUGGAGE -- this nice man from Eritrea named Tekle, whose job it was to escort T's wheelchair, felt that it would be fun to mess with me by giving me a geography quiz on East African country names. Why do I ask people about themselves and where they come from again? He was really a nice man and we could never have found terminal B without his help, but he was a stubborn type and refused to let me "call a friend" or get any coaching on the answers from T or F. I was so tired having not slept for the last 14 hours of so that when I tried to explain that I was not good at geography, I couldn't remember the difference between geography, geology, and geometry and the sounds in my head came out something like this, "but, sir, marghelzzhonzenberg."

Then we met Meagan and Stephen's friend Fenta who is from Ethiopia. He and Tekle both made sure we knew that we had picked the right time of year to come to Colorado because they both hate the super long, snowy winters. He took his job of driving us to their car at the "wooly mammoth" parking lot so that we could get from Denver to Carbondale very seriously and refused to pull away until we drove off first. He also sent cell phone photos to document that he had got us there in one piece. The best thing about meeting him was that F wheedled his recipe and directions for making Ethiopian injera bread out of him. The secret is barley.

Unfortunately, there was a ton of traffic and it took like four and a half hours to make the scenic drive. I had a massive altitude headache (altitude is another subject that I failed in school) and we had to stop at Starbucks for iced caffeine before we finally got to Meagan and Stephen's house. There were vegetarian tacos with good guacamole and I got to hold the new baby who smelled exactly like new babies are supposed to smell. I slept through the night for the first time ever in recent history due to Meagan's white noise machine, bless her soul.

Their house is super large and gorgeous and full of windows that look out onto giant pink, green, and purple mountains. I think they were colored or it might have been the hit of acid they put in my veggie tacos. We watched their wedding video in their in-house MOVIE THEATER room -jealous yet? - because it turned out to be their wedding anniversary.
T and her girls: Vivi and Mabel.

F and Stephen dining al fresco. F did not feel uncomfortable with the wasp nests on the porch because, you know.

Girls in pajamas, mountain mammas. I am so going to write a country song while we are here.

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