Thursday, August 07, 2014

This morning I told the super-abridged-mega-happy version of Charlotte's Web to Vivienne and we played Wilbur and Fern the whole morning. Guess who got to be Wilbur?

We had a very Oprah Ah-ha moment when I told her that even if she never ever wanted to use the potty we would all still love her very much. Her little face just cracked into the biggest smile and she looked super relieved. Later in the day I hassled her about giving it a try and went so far as to point out that she would never catch Barbie wearing diapers. I am not so proud of that part of my speech. Go back and reflect on that earlier Oprah moment I had if you are feeling judgemental.
Mini Fashionistas, please note the upside down sunnies and the four, count them four skirts. We accessorize with pretzels as no purse should be without them.

This was the lounge at the faux Thai restaurant. We had a good time despite the lackluster attitude of the vegetarian hating waiter.
F has his baby rocking groove back on. Mabel just adores him even though she tends to sleep through some of his most winning attempts to engage her in political debate.
 I have to agree with Mindy Kaling on the whole Aspen situation. Cabondale (or Carbondalia as Stephen wanted to rename it until I pointed out that it sounds like genitalia) is very much the same vanilla flavor. Everything is super expensive, except for at Target (see T's back to school shopping trip) and everyone has the exact same shade of blonde hair that Heather Locklear wore when she was still playing a cop.

If she had a visor on, she would look more or less like almost every woman here.

This is the neighborhood pool. Not too shabby, huh?

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