Wednesday, July 30, 2014


It takes more than not being able to walk to keep three generations of women in my family from going shopping, that much I can assure you. Even after the flight and the bag situation, I managed to spend about an hour buying discount cosmetics at the mega-drugstore called Duane Reade. There are so many choices of tooth floss and shampoo that eventually some salespeople came over to make sure that I was okay because so much time had elapsed since I had moved or blinked. I'm fine, I said. We don't have big drugstores like this where I live. I'm pretty sure they figures I was from some tiny farm in Kentucky or something.

 Then my mom took me grocery shopping at Whole Foods where I looked completely lost. At some point this Whole Foods apron wearing guy inquired as to whether he could help me choose from the sixteen types of cheddar cheese. I got this dreamy expression on my face and thought to myself: he wants to help me choose my cheese. He did give me such sage advice about cheddar that I started to wonder if he would help me with other perplexing problems of the day like where to find lip balm, and how to deal with my hangnail, and which museum to go to, but in the end, I kept my mouth shut because there was always the possibility that he was just a cheese specialist.


Even with her swollen feet, T was able to negotiate Victoria's Secret, TJ Maxx, and Forever 21. We went to a bunch of stores near my mom's house, but we saved her favorite for last. It is a place called Shishi. When I walked in to meet the owner, Elle, she immediately thanked me for having a mother who keeps her in business. I don't think she was kidding. She told me that I looked tired and had me sit on a velvet loveseat for forty-five minutes while she dealt with the other two sets of customers who were in the tiny golden changing rooms. When it was my turn, she told me not to bother going through the racks because she would bring me everything that looked good on me that was my size in the store. Um, okay. P.S. that was the funnest shopping experience of my life.

Do you like my new outfit?

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