Saturday, July 19, 2014

T was supposed to go to visit the orthodontist on Wednesday. On a last minute run up the stairs, she slipped and fell on her knee. Her foot swung out to the side and hit the metal railing. She got a huge swollen bump on the top of her foot. After five minutes she said that it didn't hurt that badly, but with our vacation coming up and everything, I thought she had better get it checked out. F took her to the emergency room. I really didn't think they would find anything so I didn't worry about going to the closest hospital. It wasn't as swollen yet as it is in the photo below, but when T showed me where she hit it on the railing, I started to worry. She hit it on the pointiest nastiest little metal cube in the world, the one that just happens to decorate our stair railing. 

During the next five hours of waiting, my brain started to play back all of the bad stories I had heard about people getting casts on at the Lucca hospital. In fact, they had their legal right to put casts on taken away from them after they put my former student's grandson's elbow cast on backwards. When he got to the children's hospital in Florence the doctors were appalled. Now Lucca has a new hospital building with fancier equipment and so I could only hope there would be more competent cast putter-on-ers. 

Here's a sight no mother ever wants to see.

Here is T in a full cast. Sorry Natasha. We take blogging seriously.
 Five hours later T came home with a cast that reaches all the way to her knee. This has not made her want to wash her waist length hair any less often. The good news is that they said that they will let her take off the cast and use a boot starting next week. The bad news is that we leave for our American vacation in less than a week.

My friend Ian sent me this cool link to a website where they offer a hands free crutch. So my mom ordered her one that will be waiting for us in America. In the meantime, one of F's students brought a regular pair of crutches for her that she hates. 

Here is T and Giorgia before T fractured her foot.

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