Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Non so che dire
Well, change is not always fun. After my health scare of the other week, things have calmed down a lot. Well, things have calmed down, and I have calmed down, but my skin is a real wreck. I believe that it is a temporary situation. I have read Tracy Raftl at The Love Vitamin's blog post about one million times to keep myself calm:

"It has many different names… healing crisis, detox symptoms, herxheimer reaction.

It’s what sometimes happens when you start making a lot of big health changes all at once, and for a while, things get worse. That means that all the symptoms you decided to get healthier in order to heal, are actually getting worse. Or you’re getting new symptoms you’ve never had before. Or you just plain feel like garbage.

Or, maybe you’re getting more acne and more breakouts!!! (yes, this happened to me at the beginning of my journey to clear skin)

What gives? Why would getting healthy make me feel worse and cause me to break out?

How is this fair?

Well, this is actually normal, and it’s actually a good sign that the changes you are making are having a positive impact on your body. Your body is releasing a lot of toxins all at once, and it’s making you feel bad.

However, it’s terribly alarming. Especially if it involves more acne. So it’s not really a wonder that some of the most common emails I get are from people wondering if the breakouts and other symptoms they are experiencing are just detox reactions or if they’re something to be concerned about. 

If it’s a real detox reaction, it should start anywhere from a day or two to a week after making significant positive health changes. 

And it really shouldn’t last for more than two to three weeks at the most. there it should continue to get better and better.

Detox reactions will never get steadily worse and worse over time. And they always go in waves.

In other words, on the onset of the detox reaction, that should be the height of its intensity. After that, you should find that the intensity and occurrence of the symptoms will come and go (from day to day, or even hour to hour), with each wave getting less intense until it’s gone."

This seems to describe my current situation to a tee. The other day I got about a dozen huge cysts all over my jaw line, drawing an arc from my right ear to my chin. This has a lot to do with the lymphatic system and the liver, and is to be expected when you take Estroblock. I figure having terrible acne for a few weeks is a small price to pay if it is then going to disappear for the rest of my life. Nevertheless, I do not leave the house a lot. My students and my Bioenergy clients come to the house. I have more and more clients as my friend Alessandro who is going to go into business with me in October after he takes the course in London has talked up the method a lot at his bagnino/beach club in Viareggio. 

After I came clean so to speak about having overdone it with the saw palmetto which did reduce my testosterone levels, but then worked too well and left me with lower levels than I should have, my friends started trying to express their concern and started giving me advice. In fact a little pack of them even staged an intervention telling me that I had to start going out with them and being more active again OR ELSE. After I got over the shock of it, I realized that it was very sweet. In fact I have started working out again, and my rear end is so sore that I have trouble sitting on it. In addition to Tracy Anderson's program I have also added in this completely insane ballerina chick who counts in this very nursery school teacher like way while you follow her through these excruciating repetitions of thigh circles which make you want to beg for mercy. I think it's called Ballet Beautiful. OUCH. 
Thank you Serena, Bianca, Francesca, Micol, Anna, Patrizia, and Elena for your concern. I am going to get my act together. I promise.

Given my determination to heal my skin, I am officially among the palest people in all of Tuscany. I may be vitamin D deficient and the moment, but it still amazes me how my Italian friends and neighbors fry their faces off every season. They just refuse to connect the sun with skin cancer and wrinkles and stubbornly hold on to the idea that a massive tan makes them look thinner, healthier and younger. Most don't even use adequate sun protection or avoid the strongest hours of daylight at lunchtime. 

Meanwhile we continue to fix up the house for the summer exchange. T is living a double life, trying to get a chunk of her summer homework out of the way while still making time for her friends and going out in the evenings. F has been working nonstop on this website he is making so I spend a lot of time watching an Italian miniseries called Elisa di Rivombrosa which is a period drama that has slowly but pulled me in and I have now watched a full 39 episodes so far with 13 to go.
Elisa di Rivombrosa has the clearest skin in the world, btw. Sigh.

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