Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Art, visual and edible
Today we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art which is my favorite museum in the entire world no matter what anyone says.  T got a wheelchair and soon got annoyed with not being able to drive herself. She settled on a system of flight attendant hand signals- which F quickly got the hang of- that silently let him know when to turn, stop, and turn on the 'fasten your seatbelt' sign. We went to see a fashion show at the Costume Institute. If Anna Wintour thinks something is worthwhile, we are not going to be the first to disagree with her.

Man oh man, do I love the Met.

For dinner we went to a gourmet vegetarian restaurant named Dirt Candy that is so exclusive that my stepfather has not been able to get reservations for months and months, but he finally got one for us at 5:45 PM and was told that if we were even ten minutes late our table would be given away. So we got there at 5:00 PM and T scored an adorable vintage dress from an East Village shop called Dusty Buttons that was as charming and alluring as the owner lady.

Anyway, the menu is basically four choices of appetizers and four entrees and four desserts. We tried everything and their jalapeno hushpuppy starter with maple butter. In case you are confused, this is the entree called tomato:

This is potato:
This is corn:

This is mushroom:
T said she wants her ashes scattered there after she dies, but I told her we couldn't because they are soon to a bigger and better location on Allen & Broome streets.

 This is the celery cheese cake that T had for desset:

And here is a picture of me and my dearest friend Ian who accepted me for the bleary, jet lagged mess that I am and ate the best dosas of my life with me:

I put your photo under the art category 'cause your so arty and your value goes up every year. (Read this with a New Yawk accent.)

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