Monday, June 23, 2014

We/ITALY lost against Costa Rica. IT was VERY depressing. (But, on the bright side, at least I didn't have to stay up for three extra hours to enjoy the post-win honking.)

And so . . . Karma

This has been a weird way to start off the summer. After posting a desperate plea for people's used wine corks on Facebook so I could try to make something that looks like this --

 -- I received a message from a cool, new friend who happened to have 50 wine corks just lying around. During our coffee date we got to talking about Karma.

I couldn't help thinking about my drum playing, meat-loving, barbecue addicted, nudist neighbors who have really put a damper on my favorite time of day: MEAL TIME. Their enormous terrace and their extreme selfishness has really challenged my patience and ethical limits.

 I have evil thoughts about them. I have to admit it in order to move on. Sometimes I think . . . .

 And other times I think:

 It doesn't help my mood that every kind of medicina, herb, tea/tisana, lotion or substance that I come into contact with seems out to get me.

Plus ever since I found that giant beetle in bed with me (F was in the bathroom at the time), I spend every night with a creepy crawly feeling and wake up restless and upset. No offense to my ex- coworker pictured in the photo below, but at least, I'm not in bed with that cockroach on her left.

 And no matter what, I did get out of the cult of egoistic bullies that make up the fitness department at a place they couldn't help but call the Ego Wellness Resort; and when I take a look at this year's fruit party photos, I can't help but be drenched in an unsweaty wave of thankfulness. It is so good not to work THERE anymore.

No, really?

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