Monday, June 09, 2014

Things that happen

Things that have actually happened in the last two weeks:

As you will recall, about a week ago I woke up with a giant black beetle on my face. I think now it is safe to say that we can understand that to be a sign for what was to come. Luckily all of the measures we have taken to seal off the house seem to have worked and we haven't seen a one for over a week.

E allora vogliono aggiungere anche la batteria. Ci mancherebbe!
Several days ago, I broke out in red welts on my face that turned out to have these granular crystals in them. No, it is not some kind of evil magic trick. It turns out that the bubbly water that I have been drinking non-stop has a kind of sulphate in it that has clogged my sweat glands so that whenever I sweat solid salt crystals get excreted through the pores of my face. It is about 90 degrees out and I am not supposed to sweat. I haven't left the house in about five days.

Now, I find out that our neighbors who have been engaged in a noisy and annoying reconstruction project of building a terrace less than one meter from our kitchen window for the last several months have decided to buy a drum set. I guess it is a graduation present for their teenage boy. I shouted and carried on in English for about 25 minutes after he finished his first "performance." T then turned to me and said, "You know that they think that you are just some crazy woman who yells all the time for no reason and have no idea it has to do with them, right?"

My skin clearing routine is now down to a simple matter of taking five kinds of supplements (artichoke, tumeric, DIM, vitamin B6, and saw palmetto) and three kinds of tea (puerh, sea buckthorn, and peppermint) a day which is a total of 18 capsules broken down into increments six times a day. I can't tell if it's working because of the whole distraction with the fizzy water fiasco.

It is a challenge to exercise regularly because I am supposed to avoid sweating and also because I have nerve pain and inflammation that comes and goes every day to different degrees due to fibromyalgia.

On the positive side, F sewed us a zanzariera which is a  mosquito net to cover our four poster bed so that I don't have to hear buzzing in my ears every night. Part of the buzzing turned out to be tinnitis due probably to all of the pollen allergies and subsequent sinusitis that I have had for the past three months. How did I move to Tuscany  not realizing that I am allergic to the olive orchards when they are in bloom? The season lasts from the beginning of May until the end of June. It is a relief that the bioenergy treatments got rid of the tinnitis because I was starting to think that I had to spend the rest of my life surrounded by an imaginary swarm of killer bees.

So I've been better. But I've also been worse. Hang on because our summer vacation is just around the corner . .  .  .

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