Friday, June 06, 2014

The White Party Update
This is what I would love to look like at the party, despite the fact that the actress in the photo is half my age and has half my thigh circumference:
I am preparing myself mentally that it will be okay if I look more like this: 
Ping pong, anyone?

Every day I get more emails encouraging me to think about bringing candelabra and flowers and to make my table elegant. I won't do it, but just the thought that someone hopes I will, unnerves me.  The last email said that the organization for people with Down syndrome (DS) -- Andare in oltre si puo' -- was featured on the Italian web site of Elle magazine which means they are really doing a great job promoting it.
 I am trying not to succumb to peer pressure and am resisting buying any new white clothing or spending any sum of money at all if not for the mosquito spray. Actually I have been using orange listerine instead of mosquito spray and it has been working really well, but that is another weird story. Stay tuned because I have this psychic feeling it's going to rain that day.

This just in: The secret location of the party is Villa Mansi in Capannori which is not really in Lucca at all. I asked my friend Elena how bad the mosquito situation was likely to be and she equated it with the Congo in mosquito season. I could cry. I don't know why I get myself into these things.

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