Friday, June 20, 2014

The Saggio
I had asked my lovely student Sylvia to pick up a ticket to my other student Andrea's hip hop saggio/recital because she goes to the same school for guitar lessons. She tried her best, but they didn't have the ticket available for some reason. She tried FIVE times to be exact. In the end she handed me a receipt for something that would take the place of the real ticket temporarily and then a minute later decided that it was inacceptable and went back again to get me a real ticket.
The fake ticket and the real one. Oh Italy!
Andrea's mother Lucia offered to give me a ride to the show because it was not at the school which is walking distance from our apartment, but at a theater in another town a good distance away. In the car were two of his best buddies from his middle school, the same one T attended, and one of Andrea's grandmothers. It was very cute.

When we got to the theater and took out our tickets, Lucia noticed that while I was sitting in the same row that she had reserved for their family, they had given us both the same seat number. We went to investigate. The dude, the same one that had given me the director's phone number when I had tried to organize a hip hop party a few weeks ago, told me that I didn't have a real ticket. He tried to dismiss me right then and there. It took FIVE more tries for him to resolve the situation. He gave me a real ticket with the same number on it; a real ticket witha different seat number, but one that Lucia also had; he gave me a seat number that didn't exist; and then finally he gave me a real ticket with a real seat. The whole time he glared at me like I was a troublemaker. He didn't apologize once.
The people in the front our the two grandmas. I wish I had got the not calm ones face, but she never stayed still.

Andrea has a second grandmother who got a ride to the theater in his father's car. They call one the calm grandmother and one the not calm grandmother. The not calm grandmother talked to me throughout the entire three hour performance which displayed every student from three years old to twenty three years old in the genres of ballet, modern, hip hop and breakdancing. The show was held together by a story that recounted the phases of growing up from kindergarten to the old age home. The not-calm grandmother made outrageous statements about the overweight dancers and the "natural" talent of the dances of color and I had to keep politely disagreeing with her. She cheerfully recounted how the other grandmother's cooking is favored by Andrea, but she didn't seem to worried about it.

Here is Andrea's cheering section of friends and family.

Andrea, you star you.
 Andrea was really the star of his group. I can't believe he only started two years ago. He really does have a gift and I hope he sticks with it. He is the kid in front wearing the white hat:

 I gave him a copy of the Divergent book in Italian so that next year we can read it in English and he asked me to pick up some Diary of a Wimpy Kid books in English for him when we are in New York.

So proud.

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