Monday, June 02, 2014

The Broken Grandpas' Barbeque
F has been busy this week so I'll fill you in on his big social outing solo in an all Italian setting. After beating some high school students the week before with their skill? and overwhelming numbers, the nonni rotti/broken grandpas American football team decided that after practice the following week they would have a grigliata. Despite the fact that F's friend Fabio couldn't make it and that he is a vegetarian, F decided to attend the event. At heart he is a people pleaser. He stayed up late the night before baking two exquisite all American apple pies.

I think you will quickly get the idea of what went down if I tell you that practice ended at like half past noon and F didn't get home until after 5:00 PM. There was some negotiating about his car and he ended up leaving it at the football field and hopping in someone else's car to get to the picnic site. This was a rookie mistake as it meant he could not get home until the very end. Anyway, he was called upon to set up a tent and this took a good long time. Then they got the grills going and F had to wait for them to clean off all the meaty stuff so that he could have some grilled vegetables.This one guy Massimo was very sweet to him and made sure that he had enough to eat.

From what I understand his pie scored him huge points. Maybe too much so because he spent the majority of the time surrounded by lovestruck grandmas and some of the wives who wanted to learn his baking secrets. It went something like this:

The legend goes that the following weekend one of the guys wrote on facebook that instead of grilling his usual steak he was going to try F's eggplant marinade recipes.

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